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National Bikini Day

During the coldest winter we have experienced in years, Who would have thought we would finally see the day that of celebrating National Bikini Day! Planning on throwing on that cute new find and heading to one of the beaches to get your tan on? Well, Chicago (surprising as that may be) has quite a few beaches. Don’t worry though, we’ve taken the time to choose a couple of our favorites to help you decide which beach best suits your tan lines:

national bikini day north avenue beach
North Avenue Beach- Chicago’s most popular beach. Home to the Air and Water show, Castaway’s restaurant, and many other concessions, this place is definitely a hot party spot in the summertime. If you’re looking to show off that new suit at Chicago’s best beach day party, this is the place to be!


national bikini day oak street beach
Oak Street Beach- About a mile and a half long, this was the former most popular beach, and holds the deepest swimming area. This is also where the seasonal outdoor restaurant, Oak Street Beachstro, is assembled and disassembled every summer. So, jump in the (freezing) water for a swim to work up the appetite, then grab a table for a nice meal afterwards.

national bikini day montrose beach
Montrose Beach- Chicago’s largest beach that is one of only two dog beaches at the north end. Looking to play with the pup while catching a tan as well? This is your spot.

05 Jul
national bikini day

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