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8 Exciting New Exhibits

This past weekend, the Chicago Sports Museum introduced 8 new exhibits into its collection. Located at Water Tower Place in Harry Caray’s 7th Inning Stretch, the museum has curated a number of exciting sports memorabilia exhibits that will take you back to the events themselves. From Michael Jordan’s “last shot” to the windshield that was shattered by Kyle Schwarber of the Chicago Cubs, the Chicago Sports Museum works to bring all of these famous moments in history to life. All of the exhibits can be seen for just $5, or for free after dining at Harry Caray’s. Ultimately, a visit to these new exhibits allows patrons to┬ácan experience some of America’s most amazing sport’s memories first hand.

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1. Michael Jordan’s “Last Shot”
2. Interactive Chicago Fire Game
3. Photo Opps with New 3D and Life Size Figures
4. New Memorabilia
5. Da Playbook


6. Schwarber’s Windshield
7. Benny the Bull
8. Jimmie Johnson’s Suit


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12 Sep

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