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Best Bites: Momotaro

Arising from the Boka Group empire, Momotaro is an all new modern Japanese restaurant located in the West Loop, Fulton Market Disctrict. Though it is not specifically on Restaurant Row, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t filled with all the foodie credits of the Fulton Market hot spots. With delicious Japanese small plates and a simplistic decor that will make you want to redecorate, this restaurant is a definite success. Below are a few of the dishes and cocktails that we ordered, and even though you may not know every ingredient on the menu, you’re sure to enjoy every bite.

Okinawa Sweet Potato
Ebi Tempura
Smoked Bacon & Eggs
Chili Mentaiko Spaghetti 
Tuna Jaga and Wasabi Salmon Rolls
Merchant From Kyoto
Spirited Away 
River Child
14 Jan
momotaro 2

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