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Best Rooftops in Chicago

In anticipation of the summer months and warmer weather (finally!), it’s time to talk rooftops. Chicago has a wide variety of rooftops for all sorts of occasions, but leave it to the locals to know which are truly the best. Below is our list, so get ready to hop from top to top and enjoy the best cocktails and/or views in this city.

Drumbar– Though one may say we are a bit biased, Drumbar is well known throughout the city (and the country) as one of the top rooftops in Chicago. With top grade cocktails, spirits and staff, this rooftop provides an atmosphere of quality fun and sophisticated sipping. From early evening to late night, one can find their niche at this establishment, and did we mention it is the perfect place for a photo-shoot and an event?

Signature Room– Located on the 95th floor of the John Hancock, this rooftop just so happens to be our next-door neighbor. You won’t find another view like this one in Chicago, so we suggest taking the ride up to the top and enjoying a cocktail or snack. Rain or shine, the view is breathtaking.

J. Parker– Located atop the Lincoln Hotel, this small rooftop bar has a beautiful, wide-range, view of Lincoln Park, Gold Coast and the Lake. Though quaint, it is the perfect spot for an afternoon cocktail on a sunny day. We are particularly fans of their Dirty Martinis.

Shanghai Terrace– Whether you’re out for a romantic evening or starting the night with a few friends, this place is meant to impress. We love the rich atmosphere and warm vibes of this rooftop as you walk through the Peninsula Hotel and out to the beautiful terrace. Enjoy Cantonese delicacies and fabulous cocktails.

Homestead on the Roof– The essence of this restaurant is farm to table, and what’s better is they have their own rooftop garden. We adore the food and the staff at this location and would recommend it for any occasion.

IO Urban Roofscape– This hot-spot is just that, a hot-spot. It’s a see and be seen type of place that goes from a daytime party to a club in the later hours of the night. The cocktails and food are just so, but we definitely recommend this rooftop for the scene.

Terrace at the Trump– With a beautiful view of the Magnificent Mile and the Chicago River, this terrace was meant for pictures (minus the wind). We recommend enjoying a cocktail, snagging a few pics and hopping over to another rooftop.

Tanta– A Peruvian Perfection, this rooftop has a fun atmosphere with the best food and pretty fabulous cocktails. We certainly recommend the restaurant, so why not enjoy it all on the rooftop in the warmer weather?

28 Apr
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