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Chicago is a city with a lot of history. The architecture is often admired by visitors from around the country and the world, and there are many tours and locations at which more information may be found. We would like to point out a few of our favorite building (old and new) to give you a brief preview and history of what you have to look forward to when visiting.

Aqua BuildingAqua Building

Date Completed: 2009

Architect: Studio Gang Architects, Lowenberg Architects, Architects of Record

Fun Fact: Each concrete balcony is unique in size, shape and protrusion, allowing the residents to chat with neighbors above and below.


Chicago Board of TradeChicago Board of Trade

Date Completed: 1930

Architect: Holabird & Root

Fun Fact: During the time the building was being constructed, Art Deco was at its peak in fashion, architecture, art and interior design. The CBOT is the building that most accurately represents this era in Chicago.





Chicago TheaterChicago Theater

Date Completed: 1921

Architect: C.W. and George L Rapp

Fun Fact: Designed in a Neo- Baroque French-Revival fashion, the arch atop the grand marquee represents the Arc de Triomphe, the lobby was inspired by the royal chapel at Versailles, the grand staircase after the Paris Opera, and there are Louis XIV furnishings throughout the building.





John HancockHancock Center

Date Completed: 1969

Architect: Skidmore, Owings & Merrill

Fun Fact: The original plan was to build two towers, but the private Casino Club behind the now Hancock refused to sell  their lot to the developers. Due to financial crunch, the ownership of the building was changed mid construction.





Holy NameHoly Name Cathedral

Date Completed: 1875

Architect: Patrick C. Keely

Fun Fact: Built just after the Great Chicago Fire, the cathedral is home to one of the largest and most influential Roman Catholic archdioceses in the US.





Chicago Water TowerWater Tower

Date Completed: 1869

Architect: William W. Boyington

Fun Fact: The historic landmark was built to house the pipes that we put in to control the water pollution that occurred due to the rapid growth of the city during that time.





Willis TowerWillis Tower

Date Completed: 1974

Architect: Skidmore, Owings & Merrill

Fun Fact: For nearly 25 years after its completion, the Willis Tower, formerly known as the Sears tower, was known as the tallest building in the world.





Wrigley BuildingWrigley Building

Date Completed: 1924

Architect: Graham, Anderson, Probst & White

Fun Fact: This building was created by the chewing gum prodigy William Wrigley Jr. and was one of the first and finest buildings that have define Michigan Avenue.

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