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Is the Chicago Cubs Curse Finally Broken?

wrigleyIt’s no secret that the Chicago Cubs are on a roll! After beating the St. Louis Cardinals in the play-off series, they are now on their way to play the New York Mets for a spot in the World Series for the first time since 1908.

If you ask any die-hard Cubs fan, they’ll attest that this is because of the infamous Billy Goat Curse. People say that in 1945 a patron of Wrigley Field brought with him to a game against the Detroit Tigers, his pet goat. Some fans adamantly asked this person to leave due to the stench of the goat, and he was none too happy about it. Upon his departure, it’s said that he put a curse on the team. Some say the he cursed the Cubs to never win again.

The triumph over the Cardinals warranted a party in the streets because the Cubs haven’t won a playoff game at home in decades and they are one step closer to possibly winning it all. The first home game in the series against the NY Mets is Tuesday October 20th. Stay at the Raffaello for the big game with our Cubs Package! You’ll get $20 Cubs Bucks to spend at the stadium, “Cubs Pub Crawl” coupon book, and two beers and popcorn from our minibar at the hotel. Fly the W!

17 Oct
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