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Often times when one thinks of Chicago, they see Pizza as the defining food of the town. We played tourist for the day and hopped on a bus to uncover some of the most renown Pizzarias in town with our friends at Chicago Pizza Tour and uncover this city one slice at a time.

Pizanos Deep Dish Pizza Chicago
We all met up at Pizanos in the Loop at 11am where we had a meet and greet and sat down to our first dishes. People were from all over the US, and I believe we were the only ones from Illinois. Here we had both deep dish cheese and thin crust pizza. This is one of the original Chicago Pizzerias, and the 85 year old wife of the man who started it still comes into the restaurant on the occasion to make the pizzas from the original recipe. She is also the mother of Lou from Lou Malnati’s.

Coalfire Pizza Chicago Spicy Sausage
We got on the bus and headed over to Coalfire in the West Loop to see Chicago’s original coal fired oven. Here their specialty is traditional American style in pie shape (Neapolitan), and they are the only place in Chicago to have coal fired pizza using 100 lbs of coal per day. We got to watch the guy shovel pizzas in an out for a few minutes a take a few photos. They say that the reason they use coal is because it keeps the pizza drier, avoiding sogginess, which thus allows it to cook faster. We got a Margarita Pizza and an ‘Nduja Pizza with their special spicy sausage that is aged for a week. They are the only Pizzeria in country to offer this topping.

pequods pizza Chicago Pizza Tour
Next we headed to Pequods in Lincoln Park. This restaurant has been featured on the Huffington post and was chosen as the Illinois pizza for 50 States, 50 Pizzas on Food Network. This was true DEEP dish… probably the cheesiest and most thickly crusted deep dish pizza I had ever had. It was intense but pretty delicious. We got a pepperoni pizza and a spinach pizza.

Flo and Santos Smores Dessert Pizza Chicago
Last was Flo and Santo’s in the South Loop. Here we got a thin crust Veggie Pizza and Flo’s Polish Pizza. In their pizza, they sweeten their sauce with carrots, and are quite adventurous with their toppings using things like Polish sausage, Italian Beef and Sauerkraut. We also got a S’Mores dessert pizza here! So tasty.

If you like food, and more specifically, pizza, this tour is definitely something worth doing when you come to visit Chicago. You can purchase your tickets in advance on our website when you reserve your room, or contact our front desk team to reserve your spot! At the end of this tour, you will know enough about the history and options of pizza to be able to show up your average local!

Click the image below for a map as we travel the city in search of the best pizzas!
Chicago Pizza Tour

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