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Happy Birthday Chicago!

Today marks Chicago’s 177th birthday. We wanted to share some fun facts that you probably didn’t know about our city.

1. We all know our beloved city has acquired many nicknames over the years such as Windy City and Chi-town. But, did you also know that our city is also called Second City, City with Big-Shoulders and The City that Works?

2. Not to hate on our fabulous city on its birthday, but we all know how horrendous the Chicago winter’s can be. You would think, with all the snow, ice and hazardous conditions constantly on the new, kids would have numerous snow days, right? Wrong. On February 1, 2011 kids had their first snow day since 1999!
Chicago Winter Snow Blizzard

3. The Chicago River is the only River in the WORLD to flow backwards. We do strive to stand out!
Chicago River

4. Chicago is well known for its delicious and flavorful food. We are quite the city of foodies, and it shows. The Twinkie was invented here in 1930. Enough said.

5. Did you know that the infamous “Route 66” starts right here in our city? We guess we aren’t known as the most corrupt city in America for nothing. Good ole’ Chicago…
Route 66

04 Mar
Chicago Windy City

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