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IPW 2014

Last week, Chicago was asked to be the host of the IPW Convention at Morcormick Place, more commonly known as Pow Wow. In honor of all the guests the city was recieveing from around the country, Menin Hospitality  invited them out to Drumbar for an evening of special cocktails, light bites and a little sunshine. In honor of our sister hotels down in Miami and the current burst of warm weather here in Chicago, we chose a Latin theme to give this event a little extra spice. Afterall, hospitality is our forte.

90 Mile Cafe and Berghoff Catering and Restaurant Group put together a few tasty Latin treats for the party, and my did they deliver. The first round of food was traditional Cuban cuisine from 90 Mile Cafe, and was set up as a station at the back bar with empanadas, grilled and fried plantains, and tostones. The second round was Berghoff with lighter latin bites such as avacado crisps with guacamole, red chili glazed jumbo shrimp shooters and tres leches cake bites that the waitresses walked around with on trays. Talk about delicioso!

At the bar, in congruence with the Latin theme, Alex served the perfect classic Mojitos, Caparinha and a Coincar Julep. If anyone can master the art of making ethnically diverse cocktails, it’s our mixologists. This night proved just that, and the bar was packed until the very end of the party.

We also had a special surprise for our travel guests, salsa dancers, the perfect addition to our saucy Latin themed evening, keeping the rest of the party on their feet and in good spirits.

We thank everyone, on behalf of Menin Hospitality, for coming out to support this awesome evening and we can’t wait to host another convention party again when it comes down to Miami in 2016!

16 Apr
Pow Wow

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