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Lunch Lovin’

 A good lunch during a busy work week is very important. Knowing where to go, whether it be somewhere quick or somewhere a little more upscale for when the boss is around, can be a bit difficult. This is especially true for dining on the Mag Mile. With so many options and so many different varieties, how do you choose? Well, we have compiled a list for you so that you may get some lunch lovin’, worry free. Bon Appetit!

Freshii– Quick and healthy, you’ll never go wrong (or hungry!) with a bite from this stop.

Doc B’s– Delicious American spot  with fresh ingredients and healthier options, this place is also very quick. Plus thy have a full bar for sneaking in an afternoon relaxer (we’ve all been there!).

Foodease– Salad bar, sushi bar, comfort food bar or an on the go pre-made bar, this cafeteria style lunch spot has got everything you will need.

Pierrot Gourmet– A more upscale european-style cafe and bistro, you will impress the big guy, or the client, with a stop in here.

28 Jan

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