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National Hot Dog Day: Chicago Style Hot Dog

First things first: NO KETCHUP.

national hot dog day chicago raffaello chicagostyle

Today is a special day for us here in Chicago because it’s National Hot Dog Day! Why is it special for us? Because Chicago knows how to make the best damn dogs, the right way. It’s more than just a hot dog, it’s a combination of a perfectly steamed all beef dog with the correct amount of toppings in the correct order. Yes, the order of the toppings matters. Below we have provided an image of the exact breakdown of a Chicago Style Hot Dog.

Now that we have established that no ketchup goes into our hotdogs, lets evaluate: What exactly is in a Chicago Style Hot Dog?

chicago style hot dog raffaello hotel national hot dog day

The Chicago Style hot dog was born in 1929 during the Great Depression on Maxwell Street. Abe Drexler opened the original hot dog stand “Fluky’s” on the corner. For Five cents, customers could get the “Depression Sandwich” with the works – in the exact order that hasn’t changed since then. (Photo taken from No room for ketchup or improvements.

Chicago style hot dog raffaello hotel national hot dog day

Fun Fact: Today there are more hot dog stands in Chicago than McDonald’s, Burger King and Wendy’s restaurants combined.

23 Jul
Chicago style hote dog national hot dog day no ketchup chicago raffaello hotel

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