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National Noodle Day: Ramen Style

Today is National Noodle Day, and for us that means RAMEN. This delicious broth and noodle dish has seen a dramatic increase in the Chicago food scene over the past year, and we are quite pleased about it to say the least. Far from the quick packaged oodles of noodles you devoured all throughout college (and still may eat on the occasion), real ramen can be served with many different ingredients such as brisket, tofu, mushrooms, egg and the list goes on. However, finding the best ramen in a city where it’s plentiful can be quite difficult, so we put together a small list of a few of our absolute favorite ramen restaurants in Chicago. Note: they are in no particular ranking order. Happy slurping!

1. High Five Ramen

Tiny little 16 seater located in the west loop on Randolph Row, a true hipster hotspot. Always a line, but definitely worth the wait, you don’t want to miss this one. Spice is a key ingredient, and trust us when we say they don’t skimp on flavor.

ramen national noodle day high five ramen chicago raffaello hotel

2. Ramen San

Located in the trendy River North neighborhood if Chicago, this little ramen spot has been quite popular since it opened up this past summer. Delicious cocktail menu, soft and savory boa buns, we recommend a few apps and, of course, a big bowl of the any of their ramens (with extra noodles).

ramen san chicago raffello hotel national noodle day

3. Strings Ramen

The first ramen shop in Chinatown, this place is dedicated to making each dish deliciously authentic with their imported Japanese noodle-making machine. Any of their bowls will have you feeling like you’re in true ramen country.

raffaello hotel national noodle day chicago wasabi

4. Urbanbelly

Another west loop local, often overlooked and underrated. At this divine urban casual dining place, the dumplings and Urbanbelly Ramen bowl are a must. Oh, and they’re BYOB on Sunday’s.

urbanbelly raffaello hotel chicago national noodle day

5. Wasabi

An older Chicago pick located in Logan Square, this place is pretty close to keeping their ramen bowls traditional. With a gooey egg and rich broth, locals tend to frequent this spot, and for good reason.

wasabi chicago raffello hotel national noodle day


06 Oct
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