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Spring is Here

And here’s how we know it…

Spring is Here
1. Streets Fill With Festivals
All those indoor food, art and drinking festivals have hit the streets.

2. Sales Hit the Shops
Time to stock up on next year’s winter clothing!

3. Lake Shore Trail Becomes Congested
Runners and bikers fill the trail daily.

4. Car Traffic turns to Bike Traffic
Save the date for Bike the Drive 2015

5. Parks Fill With Kids Instead of Snow
No more brown sludge all over your kids boots, back to regular dirt on the sneakers and grass stains on the jeans.

6. Bellmen Shed Their Heavy Coats
Chicago bellmen LOVE sweater-weather!

7. Tulips Begin to Bud All Over the City
In the center of streets, outside of hotels and store fronts, during the spring it is clear that our city really likes tulips.

8. Beach days at Lake Michigan, even in the 40 degree weather!

9. The Drinking… continues
In all honesty, Chicagoans never stopped drinking during the winter but, the days are longer now, and that means more time for more fun.

10. The Patio Drinking
Not only do we keep on drinking, but we take it outdoors (specifically Drumbar’s rooftop patio).

24 Mar
Chicago Spring 2

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