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Traveling Health Tips 101

Traveling can often be a hassle (and not to mention stressful) when it comes to your diet and workout routine. Whether its for business or pleasure, its often hard to maintain regularity. We have found a few solutions, however, and would like to share them with you to make your life easier while on the road. Follow the steps below, and you’re sure to return home guilt free.

1. Map out a relatively reliable, daily schedule: Plan your days out. Though you won’t be able to stick to it strictly, plan your days out ahead of time and know what to expect.

2. Take advantage of the hotel gym and wifi: Use the fitness center, and download workouts that you can do within your hotel room.

3. Instead of counting calories, make the calories count: do some research on the best restaurants prior to arriving at your destination. Figure out where you want to splurge and enjoy that specialty item from the city you’re visiting, but make sure that the places you make reservations for have some sort of healthy alternative.

4. Bring healthy snacks from home: Don’t rely on the business meetings to provide you with these, and minimize the risk of paying for overly expensive nuts, fruit and granola bars at the hotel.

5. Sleep well: Keep your room cool and dark, and enjoy the comforts of being on vacation (no bed making or clean up required! leave that to our staff).

6. Stick to lower calorie alcoholic beverages (wine, vodka sodas or gin & tonic), all night: We know this is a tough one, but in reality, sticking to one type of drink such as wine, or low calorie cocktails, can help eliminate the overly drunken state and hangovers the next day. Try to keep the overall intake low to ensure you’re able to get enough sleep and a workout in the morning.

7. Get out in the community: See if there are any free yoga classes in the park or community workout classes that you can join. This will make you feel like a local, and maybe you’ll make a new contact.


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