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Your Guide to Navy Pier

Navy Pier has been a popular tourist destination in Chicago for many years now. People know that when they come to Chicago, they must see this hot spot, but they aren’t always sure as to why. Well, we’ve put together a little list of well known, and not so well known, activities to do and sights to see while visiting Navy Pier. Enjoy!

1. The Ferris Wheel- Everyone knows that this is certainly a must. Don’t forget to steal your kisses at the top!
2. Chicago Children’s Museum- If you’re out with kids, check out this educational center for a couple of hours of interactive and lively exhibits.
3. Imax Theater or Shakespeare Theater- We recommend choosing one over the other- Chicago’s largest movie screen or one of it’s most popular performance stages.
4. Landshark Beer Garden- Enjoy delicious beer with a view from Memorial Day until Labor Day.
5. Boat Cruises- Get off the shore and view Navy Pier and the Chicago skyline from the water during the morning, afternoon or evening. There are a variety of cruise types and lines from which you may choose as well.
6. Fireworks- Most people know about the summer fireworks display. You can catch them every Wednesday and Saturday nights, and though you don’t have to watch them at Navy Pier, it certainly gives you a “front row, VIP” view.
7. Events- Throughout the warmer months, Navy Pier books up with many fun, and often free, events.
8. Dining- Though we rarely recommend dining at Navy Pier, there are a few options that are well worth the buck you’ll spend- Riva Crabhouse, Garrett Popcorn, Harry Carry’s Tavern and CityPorch.

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Navy Pier

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